P4.75 SMD 115x650mm (16x128) mobile controlled LED sign

282.00 €
314.00 €
Android or iOS mobile APP device controlled LED destination sign for minibuses and coaches. Good solution for bus hire companies, where you need to change the text quickly and easlily. Prelist of desitination sign text can be stored on driver's mobile and LED sign can be protected with password. Also it's easy to use solution for service vehicles.

Type: P4.75 SMD single color LED destination sign
Frame size: 115x650x35 mm
Display size: 75x610 mm
Resolution: 16x128 dots
Max. text height: 75 mm

Power: 9-30V cigarette lighter plug or power cords.
Värv: yellow

Information in LED destination sign can be changed via mobile APP over automatically generated WiFi network by LED display. Supports special nordic characters like "öäüõ". LED display configuration can be protected by password.

LED destination sign can also be controlled with PC programm using your computer's WiFi.
Package includes:
  • LED destination sign
  • 9-30V cigarette lighter power cable
Possible to order other sizes with same control system as well.