Mobitec ICU controller accessories KIT

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KIT is usable for Mobitec ICU 400, Mobitec ICU 402, Mobitec 600 and Mobitec Z350TD controllers.

KIT package includes:
  • USB-stick 64MB (FAT format)
  • Smart Media Card 16MB (FAT format)
  • SMC card reader/writer (supports smart media cards from 8MB and up!)
  • USB-cable

Mobitec ICU 400-series controllers need Mobitec MIE Basic software for configuration. You can download the software from here, but don't have the license key, you can order it from your local Mobitec's reseller. You can find the Mobitec resellers list here: Mobitec sales contacts

MIE Basic license will be issued by Mobitec personally to your company and for that we forward Your company's name and address to Mobitec.