Mobitec MIE Basic program license

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Mobitec Info Edit Basic (MIE Basic) program can be used for Mobitec ICU 400, Mobitec ICU 402, Mobitec Z300TD and Mobitec ICU 600 controller configuration.

License will be issued by Mobitec after we recieve the pre-payment handler's fee within couple of days. Licence will be issued to your company's name and for that we will forward your company's name and address to Mobitec. Mobitec MIE Basic licence key file will be sent to you by e-mail.

Please note: MIE Basic 3 license is free and you can get it from your local Mobitec's representitive or Mobitec directly. If you can't locate the representitive, we can get the license for handler's fee.
Mobitec Info Edit Basic license handler's fee is non-refundable after receiving the license!

By ordering the license and pay the handler's fee, you agree that fee is non-refundable (except if we can't get the license file from Mobitec for some reason, in which case money will be returned with credit-invoice).

License will be issued only to the companies. You can't order the license as a private person.